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The IHRSA Passport Program gives members of participating clubs access to a worldwide network of health clubs when traveling. What's more - guest fees are discounted by at least 50% for a minimum of one visit. Here's how it works:

Obtain Valid Passport Identification

Ask an employee at your health club for a valid IHRSA Passport Guest Pass

Call Ahead

Once you've found the club you'll be visiting (search box on right), give them a call before you arrive to verify any guest fees that may apply as well as to confirm the availability of the facilities you intend to use.

It’s as Simple as That....

Just present your Passport Guest Pass when you arrive at the club, pay the guest fee, and you're in!

Healthy travels,
IHRSA Passport Team

Important Reminders about the IHRSA Passport Program:

  • The IHRSA Passport Program is not intended for temporary membership privileges, or for transferring a membership. It is designed for use on a short-term visitation basis only. Please consult your host club for any offer they might extend to you beyond this time.
  • Passport guests may only visit clubs that are located at least 50 miles/80 kilometers away from your home club.
  • Passport guests must honor each club’s rules and regulations regarding guest fees, guest hours, visitation frequency, etc.
  • Not all IHRSA clubs choose to participate in the program, but only IHRSA clubs are eligible.
  • Valid Passport identification is only available from your home club. IHRSA DOES NOT DISTRIBUTE THESE MATERIALS DIRECTLY TO CLUB MEMBERS.


How can I use the IHRSA Passport?

If you are a member of a health club that participates in the IHRSA Passport Program, you are entitled to discounted guest privileges at a worldwide network of clubs when you travel.


What is IHRSA?

IHRSA is the fitness industry’s only global trade association. IHRSA represents over 9,750 for profit health and fitness facilities and over 740 supplier companies in 78 countries ... Learn More